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The Art & The Artist

                        The Art

Claudia's award-winning work is best described as contemporary, one-of-a-kind window and wall glass sculpture. It has been called "organic and honest", "ancient-looking yet contemporary".

Myriad elements make up her pieces: Kokomo, Fremont, Bullseye, and Uroboros head glass, glass rondels, "bronzed" or oiled hardwood, a variety of beads, agates, shells, wire-wrapping, and freshwater pearls. The possibilities are endless.

Claudia creates two styles utilizing these materials: "Sticks & Stones" and "Wall Jewelry". Both styles feature her signature decorative soldering:

Sticks & Stones
pieces are built on one or two planes and can be hung either in a window or on a wall. Wall Jewelry is usually built on two to four planes with copper wire feet that hold the piece away from the wall about an inch, which creates in intriguing shadow play upon the surface on which it is hung.

Wall Jewelry side view

Head glass is the basis for all of the designs and is created at the factory when the molten glass is hand mixed and then fed through the rollers (think giant pasta machine). These incredible free-form ends, many with unusual folds, always with abundant personality, are cut off, leaving a rectangular sheet of glass that supply houses buy for resale.

These "heads & tails" were once considered useless to the artist and are still often thrown in the trash bin to be chipped and remelted. Thanks to this exciting art form, Claudia now uses them in endless combinations to form some of the most sought-after pieces in glass art today.

Because of the nature of the head glass, no sculpture can be duplicated. The color mix, folds, and smooth edges will always be different - one of the main reasons this technique is so incredibly exciting.

The Artist

Claudia Ariss began her exploration of stained glass in 2007 after moving to Nederland, Colorado from Hawaii, where she'd lived for ten years with her husband Brien. She took a class in copper foil and another in lead came and quickly began producing a panel a week. Soon the windows in their house were full, and she began looking for something more.

In early 2009, Claudia took two more classes, this time in a unique style of contemporary glasswork. These new techniques have made a profound impact on Claudia's art. Once bound by traditional copper foil and lead came, she now is able to create unusual, one-of-a-kind art sculpture that can be hung in either a window or on a wall.

Claudia has a long history of creative involvements. She was a performing musician for 15 years in Humboldt County, California. During that time, she worked as a graphic designer while raising her family with her husband Brien. In Hawaii, she worked at a photography studio and at the National Tropical Botanical Garden while she pursued her love of raising a variety of palms from seed.

Though they loved the island of Kaua'i, they decided it was time to fulfill their dream of living in the mountains, so they packed up their three cats and all their belongings and moved to Nederland, a small town of 1,400 souls, which sits at 8,300' at the edge of the Continental Divide above Boulder, Colorado. It was here that Claudia learned the fine craft of stained glass in June of 2007. In early 2009, she had the good fortune of taking a class in her current contemporary technique from Cathy Claycomb, a visiting artist from Indiana. This new style was so exciting and the head glass so inspiring, that Claudia never once looked back.

In July of 2017, they moved to Cambria, California
- a gentle area on the Central California coast, not far from San Luis Obispo. Claudia has received an incredibly warm welcome for her art here, participating in various local shows and gallery events.


How to clean your Eye Candy artwork:

Use a soft, clean cloth. Dusting usually does the trick.
If you need a deeper cleaning, lightly moisten your cloth with distilled water. Gently rub out to a brilliant shine.
If you feel you need more cleaning power, use only an ammonia-free, vinegar-free, non-abrasive, PH-neutral cleaner.
This is extremely important, as chemicals can damage your artwork.


Claudia welcomes questions about her artwork!

Please feel free to email her:
or give her a call: 805-550-6773
any day from 9-5 PST

Please visit Claudia's Portfolio pages to explore her work:
Wall Jewelry & Sticks & Stones.

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